We all gain from better, long-lasting outcomes for patients and for Canada’s healthcare system.

That’s why Canada’s Health Research Foundation has a proud fifty-year tradition of investing year after year in life science. This includes funding for research and programs that support better patient outcomes, sustainable health care and improved quality of life for all Canadians.

For better patient outcomes.

Better ways to prevent and treat disease, improved vaccines to protect public health, as well as improved methods to care for patients. The outcomes demonstrate there is no substitute for research-based investments in health.

For sustainable health care.

There’s good reason to take pride in the Canadian approach to health care. Together, we ensure it remains sustainable for the long-term by investing wisely in solutions that help keep people healthy and our system of care viable. Innovation is the fuel behind health systems to accomplish more with the resources at our disposal.

For improved quality of life.

All Canadians benefit when we invest in innovation-driven health research through new discoveries and better methods of care. Partnerships with industry, government and academia ensure shared expertise and resources to improve the lives of Canadians.

Health research in action today

Today, HRF invests directly in the work of researchers who are pursuing bold new work with the aim of improving health outcomes for all Canadians. Learn more about the stories of our Fostering Innovation in Healthcare recipients.